Provision to nrf-Cloud not stable

Dear Sir./Madam

I found a issue in nrfcloud provision, because I need to use PGPS and AGPS features from nrfcloud, so I do provisioning with my samples

once I provisioned 60 pcs sample to nrfcloud (I m using python command and upload by CSV file), its show all done successfully and check all in the nrfcloud account

but after tested, around 10 pcs cannot connect to nrfcloud and not get PGPS/AGPS data, and its all fixed after redo the provision procedure.

whats the issue on it and how can I fix it, its really big issue in production

  • Hi Dannis,

    Thanks for your report! I understand your concern and will try to figure out the cause with you.

    1) Can you share more about your setup? Like network(NBIoT/LTE-M), NCS version, MFW version and so on.

    2) Do you have a log from the failure devices to show the debug information and error codes?

    3) Do you use the same account(da[email protected]) to manage your device on nRF Cloud?

    I may need your help to delete and reprovision the devices to see if we can repeat the issue and get more clues.

    Bests regards,


  • Hello

    1. device production in China, so network in NBIot, and NCS in v2.2.0, MFW in 1.3.4

    2. actually it make in sometimes ago, so no official document can provided, a captured picture attached, and its no error message come out

    3. No, we have a paid account to manage production

  • Hi Dannis,

    Thanks for providing the information.

    Could you provide the account name so I can check with our nRF Cloud team if they can possibly check logs on the backend?

    I wonder if this issue is reproducible so you can collect more information later. For example, If you do another round of device provisions or just delete the current devices then redo provisioning for them. These logs and evidence would be very helpful for analyzing the issue.

    Best regards,