Problem Enabling BT Coded PHY in Training Exercise


I'm working through the Bluetooth Low Energy Fundamentals tutorial, Lesson 3 Exercise 2.    In step 9, the training has an optional step to enable Coded PHY.  I have made the changes to main.c and prj.conf as instructed but the PHY will not change to Coded PHY.  

I have attached three screen captures:

1. instructions_for_coded_phy -> instructions from exercise on how to enable Coded PHY

2. main_code_fragment-> shows the changes I made to main.c per instructions

3. prj_code_fragment-> shows the change I made per instructions - by hovering over CONFIG_BT_CTLR_PHY_CODED=y, the dependencies popped up indicated that additional variables need to be set to enable Coded PHY - please advise.

Here is my development setup:

1. Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS

2. Visual Studio Co   de Version

3. nRF Connect SDK 2.5.0

4. nRF5340-DK 2.0.1

5. Testing with iPhone 13 mini - specs include support for Bluetooth 5.0

Thank you,


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