ERROR: JLinkARM DLL reported an error

Hi NordicSemi,

I am trying to program an Nrf52811 by using nrf52-dk in ubuntu and vsc.

I have actually programmed it several times and it worked until yesterday. However then I got this ERROR: JLinkARM DLL reported an error.

I have attached the log file here, but so far I found that some times when I restart the pc it can program the device for one time and then for the next times I get that error.

One time I even managed to re program it without restarting by reconnecting the usb cables and restarting the VSC but even this solution worked only one time. 

I have just updated my JLink driver to JLink_Linux_V794_x86_64 without any luck. If I run JLinkExe in terminal I can find NRF52 device and connect to it as JTAG.

I appreciate if you can help me in fixing it because I have been stuck there now Slight smile




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