BT Mesh heartbeat issues in nrf52840

Dear All:

I have followed the procedure as shown in the following to make a Mesh heartbeat application.  

I started with the example of ligtht switch client and server for SDK v.17.0.2/Mesh v.5.0.0. 

However, the server did not receive any heartbeat message from the client. I wonder if anyone can tell what the problem should be. 

We also use the nrf mesh app to provision the two mesh nodes as the follows.

The address of client is 0x0095 and The address of sever is 0x0098.

Then I configure the client with element and heartbeat parameters as shown below.


Then I configure the server with element and heartbeat parameters as shown below.


In the segger debug mode, at the server I did not find any heartbeat message received from the client.  

Best regards,


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  • Dear Terje and Toni:

    Thanks for your reply.

    First of all, I have used the sdk as follows: 

    Therefore, do you have any example of using the sdk to do a heartbeat function?

    Besides, I already set up the server and client light example, but I don't still get any heartbeat. I wonder why?

    Best Regards,