Identify a mesh node before provisioning

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I am doing some tests with nrf52840 and I wanted to know if it is possible to identify a node before provisioning with the new remote provisioning model. I mean, to launch the attention callback before adding a node to the bluetooth mesh network. Is there any function able to do that or is there any possible way?

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[nrf52840, latest SDK version]

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    The whole provisioning process is controlled from the PB-Remote Client, which communicates over the Bluetooth Mesh network with the PB-Remote Server, which has direct radio communication with the provisionee. You can do the full procedure from the PB-Remote Client as if you used PB-GATT or PB-ADV, including using attention to see which device you are about to provision. Alternatively you can filter the provisioning beacon scan on a specific device UUID to provision.


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    The whole provisioning process is controlled from the PB-Remote Client

    I already knew about this, as far as I understand during the provisioning process, while opening a link and exchanging all the data, the attention time is set and the device that is being added to the mesh network can be identified. Is there a way to set this time before the provisioning process to be able to identify the device in a visual way and, later on, do the provisioning process?

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    Yes, since you can get the UUID of the device that you are about to provision, you can store that UUID to later, and then provision that device specifically (based on the UUID) at any later point in time.


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