Update of nrfutil for Linux!? (to 7.7.1)

Hello Nordics

any chance to get nrfutil updated to 7.7.1 like the Windows version?  This new version solves some problems concerning proxy/certificate handling an I need this for the Linux installation.



  • Hi Hardy,

    nrfutil 7.7.1 is the latest version available also for Linux. You can update to it using "nrfutil self-upgrade".

  • Hello Einar,

    if self-upgrade would work, I would not have asked ;-)  Unfortunately it doesn't because I'm behind a proxy.  BUT: download via browser works (from the page above shown).  And this download is still at 7.7.0 for Linux.

    Please upgrade there as well.

  • Hi,

    It turns out that this is a bit more complicated. The nrfutil executable on the download page is a thin launcher that runs the nrfutil-core installed to ~/.nrfutil/bin/nrfutil. If ~/.nrfutil/bin/nrfutil is present, it runs ~/.nrfutil/bin/nrfutil. If it's not present, it bootstraps the latest version of nrfutil using https://github.com/NordicSemiconductor/nrfutil-package-index/blob/master/bootstrap.json. This was updated Wednesday last week.

    If you still have problems, an option can be to download developer.nordicsemi.com/.../nrfutil-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu-7.7.1.tar.gz and do:

    nrfutil self-upgrade --from-tarball <path-to-tarball>

    The developers noted that ther has not been any chance in nrfutil with respect to prody recently thouh, but there has been changes in how proxies are handled in nrfutil-toolchain-manager. Is that the "command" you are looking for? If so, and ist till doesn't work, it would be interesting to know more about the proxy isuses and configuration to understand if ther is anythign we can do on our end to improve things (nrfutil is supposed to respect setting the HTTP_PROXY environment).

  • Hello Einar

    ok...  I must say, the mechanism with the install "stub" (14MB) and the actual executable (21MB) at ~/.nrfutil/bin is a little bit intransparent.

    Nevertheless I'm now at 7.7.1

    Unfortunately nrfutil 7.7.1 still does not seem to handle proxies correctly:

    hardy@debian-hardy:~/Downloads$ nrfutil --detect-proxy --log-level=trace --log-output=stdout --json search 
    {"type":"log","data":{"level":"INFO","message":"nrfutil (version = 7.7.1, platform = x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu) invoked with --detect-proxy --log-level=trace --log-output=stdout --json search ","timestamp":"2024-04-02T14:55:31.759Z"}}
    {"type":"log","data":{"level":"INFO","message":"Trying to detect proxy configuration automatically...","timestamp":"2024-04-02T14:55:31.759Z"}}
    {"type":"log","data":{"level":"INFO","message":"Using proxy helper program from '/usr/bin/proxy'","timestamp":"2024-04-02T14:55:31.759Z"}}
    {"type":"log","data":{"level":"INFO","message":"Running '/usr/bin/proxy https://developer.nordicsemi.com' to detect proxy configuration","timestamp":"2024-04-02T14:55:31.759Z"}}
    {"type":"log","data":{"level":"INFO","message":"Proxy configuration detected","timestamp":"2024-04-02T14:55:31.770Z"}}
    {"type":"log","data":{"level":"DEBUG","message":"Registry is fetched with native git: false","timestamp":"2024-04-02T14:55:31.770Z"}}
    {"type":"log","data":{"level":"INFO","message":"Updating registry from https://github.com/nordicsemiconductor/nrfutil-package-index to /home/hardy/.nrfutil/registry","timestamp":"2024-04-02T14:55:31.770Z"}}
    {"type":"log","data":{"level":"TRACE","message":"get cv ConfigKey { env: \"NRFUTIL_REGISTRY_INDEX\", parts: [(\"registry\", 7), (\"index\", 16)] }","timestamp":"2024-04-02T14:55:31.770Z"}}
    {"type":"log","data":{"level":"TRACE","message":"get cv ConfigKey { env: \"NRFUTIL_SOURCE\", parts: [(\"source\", 7)] }","timestamp":"2024-04-02T14:55:31.770Z"}}
    {"type":"log","data":{"level":"DEBUG","message":"loading: registry `https://github.com/nordicsemiconductor/nrfutil-package-index`","timestamp":"2024-04-02T14:55:31.770Z"}}
    {"type":"log","data":{"level":"TRACE","message":"loading SourceId; registry `https://github.com/nordicsemiconductor/nrfutil-package-index`","timestamp":"2024-04-02T14:55:31.770Z"}}
    {"type":"log","data":{"level":"DEBUG","message":"updating the index","timestamp":"2024-04-02T14:55:31.770Z"}}
    {"type":"log","data":{"level":"TRACE","message":"get cv ConfigKey { env: \"NRFUTIL_HTTP\", parts: [(\"http\", 7)] }","timestamp":"2024-04-02T14:55:31.771Z"}}
    {"type":"log","data":{"level":"TRACE","message":"opened a repo without a lock","timestamp":"2024-04-02T14:55:31.789Z"}}
    {"type":"log","data":{"level":"DEBUG","message":"attempting GitHub fast path for https://api.github.com/repos/nordicsemiconductor/nrfutil-package-index/commits/HEAD","timestamp":"2024-04-02T14:55:31.789Z"}}
    {"type":"log","data":{"level":"DEBUG","message":"skipping gc as there's only 3 pack files","timestamp":"2024-04-02T14:55:31.977Z"}}
    {"type":"log","data":{"level":"TRACE","message":"get cv ConfigKey { env: \"NRFUTIL_NET\", parts: [(\"net\", 7)] }","timestamp":"2024-04-02T14:55:31.977Z"}}
    {"type":"log","data":{"level":"DEBUG","message":"doing a fetch for https://github.com/nordicsemiconductor/nrfutil-package-index","timestamp":"2024-04-02T14:55:31.977Z"}}
    {"type":"log","data":{"level":"DEBUG","message":"initiating fetch of [\"+HEAD:refs/remotes/origin/HEAD\"] from https://github.com/nordicsemiconductor/nrfutil-package-index","timestamp":"2024-04-02T14:55:31.977Z"}}
    {"type":"log","data":{"level":"DEBUG","message":"fetch failed: failed to connect to github.com: Connection timed out; class=Os (2)","timestamp":"2024-04-02T14:57:46.553Z"}}
    {"type":"log","data":{"level":"DEBUG","message":"initiating fetch of [\"+HEAD:refs/remotes/origin/HEAD\"] from https://github.com/nordicsemiconductor/nrfutil-package-index","timestamp":"2024-04-02T14:57:46.553Z"}}
    {"type":"log","data":{"level":"DEBUG","message":"fetch failed: failed to connect to github.com: Connection timed out; class=Os (2)","timestamp":"2024-04-02T15:00:01.721Z"}}
    {"type":"log","data":{"level":"DEBUG","message":"initiating fetch of [\"+HEAD:refs/remotes/origin/HEAD\"] from https://github.com/nordicsemiconductor/nrfutil-package-index","timestamp":"2024-04-02T15:00:01.721Z"}}
    {"type":"log","data":{"level":"DEBUG","message":"fetch failed: failed to connect to github.com: Connection timed out; class=Os (2)","timestamp":"2024-04-02T15:02:16.889Z"}}
    Error: Could not update package registry
    Caused by:
        0: failed to fetch `https://github.com/nordicsemiconductor/nrfutil-package-index`
        1: failed to connect to github.com: Connection timed out; class=Os (2)

    wget can fetch the problematic URL without problems.  Any chance to get this fixed?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the information. We are looking into this, and have a couple of additional questions:

    1. Is it correct that this works fine for you on Windows?
    2. If so, is the Windows computer on the same network as the Linux computer?
    3. Can you check if using git directly works by doing "git clone github.com/.../nrfutil-package-index"?
    4. If so, can you try to set the environment variable "NRFUTIL_NET_GIT_FETCH_WITH_CLI=true" and see if that helps with nrfutil?
  • Hello Einar

    1. yes
    2. not exactly, but almost the same
    3. git clone works
    4. that makes it work :-)

    Now I can do "NRFUTIL_NET_GIT_FETCH_WITH_CLI=true nrfutil search", upgrade works also.  Installing a toolchain via "NRFUTIL_NET_GIT_FETCH_WITH_CLI=true nrfutil toolchain-manager install --ncs-version v2.6.0" works (not sure if the env variable is needed)

    In vscode "Manage toolchains/Install" does not work (perhaps more or less same cause), but SDK installation works fine.

  • Hi,

    Thank you for checking and getting back to me. It is good we have a workaround that you can use for now, and that is also usefull information to our team working on nrfutil.

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