Use COEX0 to switch 3V3 supply to external LNA

We only intend to use an external GPS antenna and have removed all onboard LNA and Antennas. The reference designs for the nrf9160dk show that COEX0 can be configured in firmware to turn off the on-board LNA if an external GPS antenna is used. The reference design (nrf9160dk) always powers the external antenna as it is hooked up to 3V3.

We only need to perform intermittent GPS searches, so for power saving, I am wondering if it would likely work to configure "AT%XCOEX0=1,1,1570,1580" and only power the external antenna via COEX0 switching a 3V3 supply to the external GPS.

We could of course do this with a GPIO and program it, but since we aren't using COEX0 for anything currently and the logic seems to be already included we thought it may be usable for this (or even intended for this use case?).

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