I2C problems in SDK v2.6.0 on nRF5340DK

Enabling I2C support in the project leads to the infinite rebooting of the firmware. 

OS Windows 11, toolchain 2.6.0, SDK 2.6.0, VS code extensions, board file is nrf5340_nrf5340_cpuapp_ns. Easy way to reproduce:

1) Create the new application from blinky sample, build, flash, the LED is blinking.

2) Add string CONFIG_I2C=y to the prj.conf. Build, flash, LED is turned off all the time.

With toolchain 2.5.2 and SDK 2.5.2 everything is working (not only this simple sample, but I2C communication itself).

The issue looks similar to the one described in devzone.nordicsemi.com/.../i2c-issue-in-v2-6-0-sdk