NCS 2.5.2 issue Building Cellular Examples - cve-2021-35465 compilation error

Note:  I had a working environment in NCS 1.8.  I am moving our codebase up in version to 2.5.2 and am having issues compiling following the SDK install procedure on Windows 11.  I am compiling for the 9160DK non secure.

The issue I am seeing is a cmake failure providing a suggestion about a CVE.

CMake Error at config/cp_check.cmake:41 (message):
To enable FPU usage in SPE and NSPE both, please use the compiler with
'-mfix-cmse-cve-2021-35465' support

I can compile basic examples such as blinky from Zephyr without issue. But any cellular example fails compilation with this error I believe due to the inclusion of the FPU library.

Any suggestions on how to rectify? 

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