wake on PDM microphone

I see there is a way to set an audio event exceeding a set threshold.

I found the nfc system_off sample and added button press to wake using:
nrf_gpio_cfg_sense_set(NRF_DT_GPIOS_TO_PSEL(DT_ALIAS(sw0), gpios), NRF_GPIO_PIN_SENSE_HIGH);
to wake the board when a button is pressed.  (this works for me, but doesn't call the button callback upon wake, so you have to press once to wake and another for button press)

I'd like for the device to wake on sound, light, and motion.  Based on the document referenced above it seems theres a way to wake on sound, haven't yet figured it out.

Is there a sample for waking the device for sound.  I'm still learning and any direction would be greatly appreciated.