Using nRF9160 debug out for programming nRF52 based device

Trying to connect an nrf52840 based board to a nrf9160 DK via the J-Link out but always get the following error. Work as expected if I use a nrf52 DK.

Initialising nrfutil module: device
Using nrfutil-device core version: 7.7.1
Using nrfutil-device version: 2.1.1
Using nrf-device-lib version: 0.17.5
Using nrfjprog DLL version: 10.24.0
Using JLink version: JLink_V7.94e
Getting serialport options from persistent store 1236808CE4D153D0.pc-nrfconnect-programmer
Getting serialport options from persistent store 000960008959.pc-nrfconnect-programmer
Using nrfutil device to communicate with target via JLink
Reading readback protection status for Application core
Failed to reading readback protection status for application core core. Error: [object Object], message: Batch task protection-get failed, [jlink] JLINKARM_DLL_ERROR
Error: Failed with exit code 1. One or more batch tasks failed: - [jlink] JLINKARM_DLL_ERROR, code: Nrfjlink. Message: Batch task protection-get failed, [jlink] JLINKARM_DLL_ERROR.