Zigbee Coordinator Communation With Enddevice

I have configured NRF52840 as coordinator ,EFR1 (ENDDEVICE) and EFR2(ENDDEVICE) as end devices. These 3 devices are connected in network.EFR2(End device )continuously sending manufacturer specific commands with manufacturer cluster id and with manufacturer code to NRF(coordinator). I am unable to receive that commands in NRF and NRF is not giving response to the manufacturer commands .what might be the issue?? 


-> I have not declared manufacturer cluster in NFR and Is there any label to enable in prj.conj or any specific api to use to handle manufacturer commands please tell??

if I have to declare how to do so these commands will have manufacturer clusters and will not have any attribute ids.Every reference code is with attribute ids declaration

I have used 3 callbacks in main.c for registering but not of them hitting any callback for manufacturer commands i.e.,

zb_zcl_handle handler in zcl_main.c is also not hitting which is in stack.
(While these callbacks are done properly for ON/OFF commands)


->If we send on/off commands (ZCL cluster commands) from EFR1 to NFR.I am receiving at NFR(coordinator) and stack giving default response to EFR1(ENDDEVICE).

->if we read basic/identify attributes from NRF to EFR2 we are getting attribute response from EFR2 to NRF

IMAGE1=>EFR2(src addr)3630 to NRF(addr 0000) mfg id 0x1002 with no response

IMAGE2=>EFR1(src addr)EC0C to NRF(addr 0000) ON command getting response

EFR1(src addr)EC0C to NRF(addr 0000) ON command getting responseEFR2(src addr)3630 to NRF(addr 0000) mfg id 0x1002 with no response

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  • Udaykumar07 said:
    If coordinator does not support how manufacturer specific messages are sent ?.It should communicate with the packets according to manufacturer format .Please help

    It does support how they are sent, the coordinator just need to support the right clusters and EPs as well. Do you have any info about what what clusters are being used here?