Zigbee Coordinator Communation With Enddevice

I have configured NRF52840 as coordinator ,EFR1 (ENDDEVICE) and EFR2(ENDDEVICE) as end devices. These 3 devices are connected in network.EFR2(End device )continuously sending manufacturer specific commands with manufacturer cluster id and with manufacturer code to NRF(coordinator). I am unable to receive that commands in NRF and NRF is not giving response to the manufacturer commands .what might be the issue?? 


-> I have not declared manufacturer cluster in NFR and Is there any label to enable in prj.conj or any specific api to use to handle manufacturer commands please tell??

if I have to declare how to do so these commands will have manufacturer clusters and will not have any attribute ids.Every reference code is with attribute ids declaration

I have used 3 callbacks in main.c for registering but not of them hitting any callback for manufacturer commands i.e.,

zb_zcl_handle handler in zcl_main.c is also not hitting which is in stack.
(While these callbacks are done properly for ON/OFF commands)


->If we send on/off commands (ZCL cluster commands) from EFR1 to NFR.I am receiving at NFR(coordinator) and stack giving default response to EFR1(ENDDEVICE).

->if we read basic/identify attributes from NRF to EFR2 we are getting attribute response from EFR2 to NRF

IMAGE1=>EFR2(src addr)3630 to NRF(addr 0000) mfg id 0x1002 with no response

IMAGE2=>EFR1(src addr)EC0C to NRF(addr 0000) ON command getting response

EFR1(src addr)EC0C to NRF(addr 0000) ON command getting responseEFR2(src addr)3630 to NRF(addr 0000) mfg id 0x1002 with no response