fails due to KConfig warnings

Hi all,

I am trying to flash the nRF 5340 Audio DK boards with the nRF5240_audio sample. When using the script to flash my three boards, the script fails due to Kconfig warnings, mainly because (at least seemingly) some symbols are experimental. My assumption was that the scripts work out-of-the-box when following all the "Get-Started" guides. Please find the output below:

python ..\..\Users\user\git\sdk-nrf\applications\nrf5340_audio\tools\buildprog\ -c both -b release -d both
|    snr     | snr conn |  device | only reboot  | core app programmed | core net programmed |
| 1050165136 |   True   | headset | Not selected |       Selected      |       Selected      |
| 1050103346 |   True   | headset | Not selected |       Selected      |       Selected      |
| 1050184586 |   True   | gateway | Not selected |       Selected      |       Selected      |
Invoking build step
Net core uses precompiled hex or child image
Run: west build C:\Users\user\git\sdk-nrf\applications\nrf5340_audio -b nrf5340_audio_dk_nrf5340_cpuapp -d C:\Users\user\git\sdk-nrf\applications\nrf5340_audio\build\dev_headset\build_release
-- west build: generating a build system
Loading Zephyr default modules (Zephyr base (cached)).
-- Application: C:/Users/user/git/sdk-nrf/applications/nrf5340_audio
-- CMake version: 3.29.2
-- Using NCS Toolchain 2.6.20240304.889616714482 for building. (C:/ncs/toolchains/cf2149caf2/cmake)
-- Cache files will be written to: C:/ncs/v2.6.0/zephyr/.cache
-- Zephyr version: 3.5.99 (C:/ncs/v2.6.0/zephyr)
-- Found west (found suitable version "1.2.0", minimum required is "0.14.0")
-- Board: nrf5340_audio_dk_nrf5340_cpuapp
-- Found host-tools: zephyr 0.16.5 (C:/ncs/toolchains/cf2149caf2/opt/zephyr-sdk)
-- Found toolchain: zephyr 0.16.5 (C:/ncs/toolchains/cf2149caf2/opt/zephyr-sdk)
-- Found BOARD.dts: C:/ncs/v2.6.0/zephyr/boards/arm/nrf5340_audio_dk_nrf5340/nrf5340_audio_dk_nrf5340_cpuapp.dts
-- Generated zephyr.dts: C:/Users/user/git/sdk-nrf/applications/nrf5340_audio/build/dev_headset/build_release/zephyr/zephyr.dts
-- Generated devicetree_generated.h: C:/Users/user/git/sdk-nrf/applications/nrf5340_audio/build/dev_headset/build_release/zephyr/include/generated/devicetree_generated.h
-- Including generated dts.cmake file: C:/Users/user/git/sdk-nrf/applications/nrf5340_audio/build/dev_headset/build_release/zephyr/dts.cmake

warning: Experimental symbol NRF5340_AUDIO is enabled.

warning: Experimental symbol SAMPLE_RATE_CONVERTER is enabled.

warning: Experimental symbol BT_ISO_PERIPHERAL is enabled.

warning: Experimental symbol BT_AUDIO is enabled.

warning: Experimental symbol BT_BAP_UNICAST_SERVER is enabled.

warning: Experimental symbol BT_VCP_VOL_REND is enabled.

warning: Experimental symbol BT_CSIP_SET_MEMBER is enabled.

warning: Experimental symbol BT_MCC is enabled.

warning: Experimental symbol BT_CAP_ACCEPTOR is enabled.

warning: BT_MCC_READ_MEDIA_STATE (defined at C:/Users/user/git/sdk-nrf/applications/nrf5340_audio\unicast_server/Kconfig.defaults:51) defined without a type

warning: BT_MCC_SET_MEDIA_CONTROL_POINT (defined at C:/Users/user/git/sdk-nrf/applications/nrf5340_audio\unicast_server/Kconfig.defaults:54) defined without a type

error: Aborting due to Kconfig warnings

Parsing C:/Users/user/git/sdk-nrf/applications/nrf5340_audio/Kconfig
Loaded configuration 'C:/ncs/v2.6.0/zephyr/boards/arm/nrf5340_audio_dk_nrf5340/nrf5340_audio_dk_nrf5340_cpuapp_defconfig'
Merged configuration 'C:/Users/user/git/sdk-nrf/applications/nrf5340_audio/prj.conf'
CMake Error at C:/ncs/v2.6.0/zephyr/cmake/modules/kconfig.cmake:358 (message):
  command failed with return code: 1
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  C:/ncs/v2.6.0/nrf/cmake/modules/kconfig.cmake:29 (include)
  C:/ncs/v2.6.0/zephyr/cmake/modules/zephyr_default.cmake:129 (include)
  C:/ncs/v2.6.0/zephyr/share/zephyr-package/cmake/ZephyrConfig.cmake:66 (include)
  C:/ncs/v2.6.0/zephyr/share/zephyr-package/cmake/ZephyrConfig.cmake:97 (include_boilerplate)
  CMakeLists.txt:34 (find_package)

-- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!
←[91mFATAL ERROR: command exited with status 1: 'C:\Program Files\CMake\bin\cmake.EXE' -DWEST_PYTHON=C:/Draeger/Apps/Python/python.exe '-BC:\Users\user\git\sdk-nrf\applications\nrf5340_audio\build\dev_headset\build_release' -GNinja '-SC:\Users\user\git\sdk-nrf\applications\nrf5340_audio'
←[0mTraceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Users\user\git\sdk-nrf\applications\nrf5340_audio\tools\buildprog\", line 417, in <module>
  File "C:\Users\user\git\sdk-nrf\applications\nrf5340_audio\tools\buildprog\", line 400, in __main
    __build_module(build_cfg, options)
  File "C:\Users\user\git\sdk-nrf\applications\nrf5340_audio\tools\buildprog\", line 175, in __build_module
    raise Exception("cmake error: " + str(ret_val))
Exception: cmake error: 1

Please provide me with some ideas on why this build fails.



  • Hi, 

    Update SDK via ToolChain Manager and try again.

    Amanda H.

  • Hi Amanda,

    Unfortunately, the installation for the Toolchain Manager does not work either. First, tried to install the Toolchain Manager when I was at v4.1.2 for nRF Connect. After that failed, I was asked to update to the newest nRF Connect version v4.4.1, which I did. Then I tried to install the Toolchain Manager again, but I got following error code:

    Error: Failed with exit code 1.
    Failed to bootstrap core functionality before executing command.
    HTTP request to default bootstrap resource
    Please check that your internet connection is functioning. If you use a proxy,
    please try the --detect-proxy flag or manually set the appropriate HTTP_PROXY-
    style environment variable(s).
    To use a custom bootstrap config, set NRFUTIL_BOOTSTRAP_CONFIG_URL.
    To bootstrap directly from an nrfutil-core package tarball, set
    Caused by:
        0: error sending request for URL ( error trying to connect: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. (OS error 10054)
        1: error trying to connect: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. (OS error 10054)
        2: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. (OS error 10054).

    Funnily enough, all the other apps from nRF Connect (like RSSI Viewer, Serial Terminal, Bluetooth Low Energy etc.) can be installed without an error, so I assume it is an error with nRF Connect and not something from our IT system. I also have Proxy settings set up via system evironment variable.

    Also deinstalling and reinstalling nRF Connect does not help either.