How do I calculate throughput for a BLE link?

How can I calculate the maximum throughput for an application running on the nRF51822 and the S110, when connecting to different kind of Central devices?

  • Dear Ole,

    we are little bit confused about notifications and their acknowledgements. By observing some links above it seems that this is perfect way to send more data over notifications, thus according specifications it seems that notifications are not reliable service and there can be data lost. But at some discussion here we could find that even notifications are on radio layer acknowledged.

    Can please put some light onto this. I am about to run test with NORDIC chip with that and Android 4.3 device. I made same test with ST BLUENRG and I experienced some packets lost, not many, of course I did check that they were accepted by link layer (not crazy sending them into device)..but I also could see that by increasing the distance the communication has been correctly paused. So I want to reproduce the same with nRF51822. Thx for advices.

    Jan Krejsa

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