UI Testing you iOS ble app?

Sorry if this is too off topic, I actually don't have any problem with my nrf52840 dongle, but the App I'm communicating with. But maybe someone of you has run into the same problem as me...

I'm trying to create UI tests for my app. Mostly to verify my UI handling dependent on ble. But it turns out that the UI testing is totally back box, so I don't know how to set states of my ble manager. It might be possible that I can run tests on a device (the simulator doesn't have ble support at all), and actually control my dongle from the test. But that seems like a quite large job, and also I was planning on running my tests in a datacenter, which would limit my possibility to have an actual phone, and even more to have my dongle nearby.

So what are my other options? One idea is to switch the ble manager to some kind of code that pulls the status of some webpage or something, that I can control from the test. So if I want to simulate that the core bluetooth has connected, I can from the test set a certain value on a webpage, and then when my "TestBleManger" pulls the new state on the webpage it will set a connected state in the manager...  But also this seems like a rather big job.

Any more suggestions? Or is it back to manual testing???