Failed to create socket in wifi ap station

Hello, I'm working on the nrf7002dk WiFi station sample. Most of the time, data is sent and received successfully through HTTP using the HTTP PUT function. However, occasionally an error message appears: "Failed to create socket, err: 2" along with "<err> net_sock: get_sock_vtable: invalid access on sock -1 by thread 0x20004d10." Could you please explain why this error occurs and suggest how to fix it?

  • Hi

    It would be very helpful getting the thread name of the thread that is returning this error. Please try adding CONFIG_THREAD_NAME=y in your prj.conf file and upload what you see there. What router are you testing towards, and how are you connecting to it exactly? Please also show us what changes you've made to the sample project specifically. Assuming you at least added the SSID and the PSK for your network.

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