How to get commands generated from client cluster in coordinator

Hello, I have a question about how to get commands generated from a client cluster in a coordinator. I am currently developing a hub to control and retrieve data from home appliances that support the Zigbee protocol.
This hub is equipped with nRF5340 and has Flash firmware built with nRF Connect SDK. I'm thinking of connecting a Hue Dimmer switch to this hub and using the hub to get information about the commands generated when the On/Off and Level Control switches are operated from the switch.

I have found that if I bind the On/Off cluster or Level Control cluster of Dimmer switches to the hub with "zdo bind on", I can get a log like below on the hub side as info level logs.

[03:57:54.107,513] <inf> zigbee.eprxzcl: Received ZCL command (15): src_addr=0x2ad3(short) src_ep=1 dst_ep=64 cluster_id=0x0006 profile_id=0x0104 cmd_dir=0 common_cmd=0 cmd_id=0x40 cmd_seq=1 disable_def_resp=0 manuf_code=void payload=[0000] (15)

My question is as follows.
1. Is this log defined in a callback function that is called when the hub gets a command? Where is that callback function defined?
2. Is there a correct way to use "zdo bind on" to retrieve information about a command? I would like to know if there is an easier way to get information about the command.

I am new to development using nRF5340, so I would appreciate any supportive information you can give me.