nRF52840 dongle P0.24 and P0.22 can't be changed.

Hello all,

I config nRF52840 dongle P0.24 and P0.22 as GPIO_OUTPUT. But when I change their value, they are always 0.

I use the same way to change other pins such as P0.02 and led1_bule, and they all can be set the value i want.

Here is my code about it.


	gpio_pin_configure(port0, 24, GPIO_OUTPUT);
    gpio_pin_configure(port0, 22, GPIO_OUTPUT);

	gpio_pin_set(port0, 22, 1);
	gpio_pin_set(port0, 24, 0);

	gpio_pin_configure(port0, 12, GPIO_OUTPUT);#led1_blue

	gpio_pin_configure(port0, 2, GPIO_OUTPUT);
	gpio_pin_set(port0, 2, 1);
	    gpio_pin_toggle(port0, 12);

Because P0.24 and P0.22 are the external PA&LNA ctrl pins for txen and rxen, I try to add following in overlay. This method can make these two pins high after booting. 

When I try to configure them as GPIO_OUTPUT in my application, they are both changed to 0.

/ {
	nrf_radio_fem: pa_lna {
	   compatible = "skyworks,sky66112-11", "generic-fem-two-ctrl-pins";
	   ctx-gpios = <&gpio0 24 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;
	   crx-gpios = <&gpio0 22 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;

Is there something to set?

By the way, I'm using ESB with external PA&LNA SKY2401c. Is there any simple way to control these two pins? Otherwise I have to pull up and pull down these pins manually.