Issues flashing NRF52840 using nrfjprog (FATAL ERROR: Unable to find a board; is the board connected?)

Hi there,

I am currently having issues flashing an nrf52840 DK on windows 11 using either west for a Zephyr project or nrfjprog. I have successfully done this on a work laptop however this doesn't work on my own laptop. The issue is that when I plug in the board, I get the JLINK drive pop up but when I use `west flash --erase` I got:

and when I try `nrfjprog --program --recover` I got:

Similarly, jlink commander does not find any jlink debuggers over usb when the board is definitely powered up and connected. I suspect that this is a driver issue but I have uninstalled and reinstalled both nrf command line tools 10.24.2 and jlink V7.94e multiple times with no success. If anyone has experienced anything similar and can help please let me know. .