How to connect the fan to nRF52840

Hello everyone.

I am going to do a project recently. We are using dht22 to transmit temperature and humidity, and use temperature values ​​to control LEDs.

This project has been completed, but we plan to change the LEDs into fans.

What should I do?

As shown in the picture, How do I connect this fan to the nrf52840?

Thank you!

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  • Hi,

    I have not read the datasheet of the Fan that you are using, but it could be doable, not sure how much current it will draw and if the nRF52840DK is able to supply that from the 5V rail. I guess it will work since it is listed as R-pi fan. But in theory i can be done. 

    You will have to test this yourself. Maybe try with a LED and a series resistor first so that you dont burn up the LED.