nRFCloud, device self-assign to a group


I am using nRFCloud with nRF9160 custom board sending data via CoAP.

I have a single firmware on my board, that will behave differently depending on the value of the rotary coded switch that is mounted on the board.

Basically, using the same firmware, my device can be either a temperature sensor, a presence sensor, a light sensor, etc. I call that "device type"

In nRFCloud, I would like to use the group feature, and group my fleet by "device type".

This is doable using the API or the nRFCloud dashboard. However, it would be much easier if this could be done remotely : the device sending the name of the group it want to be in.

Is this possible ? If so, how ? If not, is there any plan to have this feature in the near future ?

Thanks !