Advertising on a single channel with S132

Hi, we are trying to disable 2 of 3 advertising channels on nRF52832 SoC with the softdevice S132 (1.0.0-3.alpha) installed. The example project ble_app_beacon works well and is the code base for us. To disable the channel 37 and 38 we added following lines at the end of advertising_init().

m_adv_params.channel_mask.ch_37_off = 1;

m_adv_params.channel_mask.ch_38_off = 1;

But then it denies to send something on any advertising channel. Is there a bug in the alpha version of the softdevice or are further things to do for disabling one or two channels?

Thanks in advance!

  • No, this should work just fine with the S132 v1.0.0-3.alpha. I added the following lines to m_adv_params in the ble_app_beacon example in the nRF52 SDK v0.9.2

    m_adv_params.channel_mask.ch_37_off = 1;
    m_adv_params.channel_mask.ch_38_off = 1;

    and used an Ellisys Bluetooth Sniffer to record the advertisement packets. I only saw advertisement packets on channel 39.


  • Hi, we use the nRF51422 Sniffer v1.0.1_1111 and this does not show up the packages. I analyzed the energie consumption with a scope and realized that there is indeed one spike when it should send one advertisement packet. In other words the sniffer is the problem, although I already used the "h" option to set the hopping sequence.

  • Yes, it appears that nRF Sniffer does not display the packets correctly when you block one or more channels . I'll report the issue to the developers of the nRF Sniffer. Could you mark one of the answers as correct( click the check mark to the left of the answer) so that the questions is shown as resolved for other DevZone users?

  • Hi,

    Since from BLE5 advertisement can be done on any channel, why the Channel mask (m_adv_params.channel_mask) is not available for the 37 other channels?

    Regards Michel

  • The nRF Sniffer is not BLE 5 compatible so you will not be able to sniff advertisment packets that are send in the data channels. We are looking into updating the nRF Sniffer to be BLE 5 compatible.