Using PCA10001 board with nRF51 SDK on Mac OS X

I am interested in developing an nRF51822 application for an old PCA10001 nRF51 evaluation kit using a Mac OS X platform. I've downloaded and installed the following tools:

  • nRF51 SDK (
  • S110 BLE peripheral soft device (NordicSemiconductor.nRF_SoftDevice_S110.8.0.3.pack)
  • gcc arm compiler (gcc-arm-none-eabi-5_2-2015q4-20151219-mac.tar.bz2)

Per a suggestion on a blog, I've updated SDK/components/toolchain/gcc/Makefile.posix so that GNU_INSTALL_ROOT points to the right folder and that GNU_VERSION indicates the right GCC version (5.2.1).

Going to the documentation for SDK v10.0.0, Getting Started / Running the First Example, it says to compile the blinky example by going into the right board directory. In this version of the SDK, it only lists pca10028, pca10031 and pca20006, but not pca10001 that I have. Under "Using the SDK with Other Boards", it says pca10001 is supported and that I have to #define BOARD_PCA10001, but does not elaborate on how.

With my configuration, how/where do I #define BOARD_PCA10001, which board directory in SDK/examples/peripheral/blinky do I choose, and how do I use the makefile in SDK/examples/peripheral/blinky//blank/armgcc to build and flash the board with the code?