timer that pwm opens can not be closed


I got a question about pwm's timer. Here is my working environment: SDK 10.0, SD8.0, IC VERSION: qfabc0.

I use timer1 as clock of pwm. APP_PWM_INSTANCE(PWM1,1);
When I run app_pwm_enable(),the current goes to 3.6 mA. And then I run app_pwm_disable(), but the current still remains 3.6 mA.

Then I try to figure out where the current comes from, so I comment the code: nrf_drv_timer_enable(p_instance->p_timer); in app_pwm_enable(), then the current can be colsed normally.

So it seems like the timer cannot be closed after pwm open it. But I also have tried timer2 to generate a gpiote task to toggle a port, and its current is only 500uA and can be closed normally, so why not here?

Thanks a lot!

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