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STATIC_ASSERT and GCC (instead of Keil)

I'm bringing up ble_app_hrs as an eclipse project using gcc.

I'm running into an error in app_util.h, line 67:

#define STATIC_ASSERT(EXPR) typedef char static_assert_failed[(EXPR) ? 1 : -1]

The error is:

typedef 'static_assert_failed' locally defined but not used [-Werror=unused-local-typedefs] ble_app_hrs line 67, external location: ..../nrf51822/Include/app_common/app_util.h C/C++ Problem

I believe the instance of STATIC_ASSERT it's complaining about is in app_timer.c, line 1035:


QUESTION: what's up with this? Is there some kind of support I need to add so this mechanism will work correctly?

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