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External programming Using nRF52-DK


I have a nRF52-DK and I am trying to programme an external designed by myself but this one contains the nRF51422 chip. I am using nRFGO Studio to upload the .HEX file.

Do you know if it is possible even with different chips?

I am following these connections between my board and nRF52-DK.

My Board(nRF51422) -> nRF52-DK

SWDIO -> SH_SWDIO (pin #4) on P20

SWDCLK -> SH_SWDCLK (pin #5) on P20

VDD -> SH_VTG (pin #3) on P20 and VDD (pin #1)

GND -> SH_GND_DETECT (pin #8) on P20 and GND