BSP and nRF52 custom board - P0.9/P0.10 GPIO LED issue

Hi Everyone,

So I have a custom board with an LED on P0.9. I have confirmed it works by applying power to it, so no issue with the LED itself or the way it is connected.

I created a custom_board.h from the pca10040.h mapping LED_1 to P0.9. I commented out everything to do with the other LEDs.

I also have a button on my custom board and mapped this out to P0.16 and through the BSP this works fine.

My application is a modification to the SDK11 ble_app_uart example so the LED should be blinking when it is advertising, as it does on the DK. I can confirm the PCB is advertising, but the LED is not blinking. It is calling bsp_led_indication() fine and I see it trying to blink the LED but nadda.

What silly thing have I overlooked?

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  • Using command line development relying on the makefile, this preprocessor needed to be added in the makefile. Using a custom board within the blinky project I added line 144 CFLAGS += -DCONFIG_NFCT_PINS_AS_GPIOS within the makefile. It would not work placed inside the pca10056.h file.

  • We all got caught by these at some time or other .. and the rest:

    // Important Heardware Pin Options - used in system_nrf52.c, typically added to project options
    // ===============================
    // ENABLE_SWO activates SWO pin, otherwise SWO pin is available as GPIO
    // ENABLE_TRACE activates TRACE pins, otherwise TRACE pins are available as GPIOs
    // CONFIG_NFCT_PINS_AS_GPIOS bypasses NFC input circuitry and enables 2 GPIO pins, otherwise 2 pins are NFC only
    // CONFIG_GPIO_AS_PINRESET activates pin reset, otherwise pin nRESET is available as GPIO