Can I use NUS service without having the UART pins configured/connected?


I want to use the NUS service on my BLE communication. I don't have pins connected for UART, do I need to have them? When I try to run the device, my program initializes all the blocks being used (bsp, uart, spi, ble_stack, etc) and when it tries to print after all the initialization it goes to the app_error. Which is weird because before I also have some prints that are passed by.

Hope someone can help me, using nrf51 on a custom board with SD130v2.1.

edit1: I tried to debug the error, and it's saying that the error is the 0x0000000C caused on line 690 (function : uart_event_handle, case : APP_UART_COMMUNICATION_ERROR) which has the following code:


Thank you, Jorge

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  • If you mean sending via BLE, I'm still not sending anything. Because my device don't even advertises. And if it is that data size I have set it to max of 20, but only sending 15 or less if connected.

    I tried to comment all the printfs, but the problem remains the same. If I comment the uart initialization the program goes to that loop on the debug but appears with all the values = 0.

    I have the one central and one peripheral side. The central side seems to be working well, but the peripheral goes to the app_error with the same configurations of pins, which I think it shouldn't happen.

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