IC rev vs compatibility table vs SD vs SDK


I'm complete nordic newbie and asking you for some help. I have 2x 81522 ICs, one is QFAAC0 and the other one is QFAAH1, both QFN48 packaged.

(1) looking at infocenter.nordicsemi.com/.../nRF51822_ic_revision_overview.html => I wonder what are the IC-rev of my 2 chips ? C0 seems a IC rev 1 (right?) and what about H1 ?

(2) looking at infocenter.nordicsemi.com/.../nRF51422_nRF51822_ic_rev_sdk_sd_comp_matrix.html the doc says: ICrev1 (QFAAC0) means an SDK 4.4.2 with SD110 5.2.1 ... however the SD110 5.2.1 binary image release notes says that it requires an SDK 5.2.1 ... => I wonder who I should believe? At the end, is it ok if I flash a SD110 5.2.1 image and use the related 5.2.1 SDK ?

thx -j