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Is there a PC (win / debian) application or source for NUS?


Nordic UART Service (NUS) is a pretty handy way of implementing a serial data transfer service over BLE. The nRF Toolbox on Android makes it very easy to test it, however I could not find any such program (or driver) for PC (any OS, any language) that could do the same. I have looked around a lot, and have come to the conclusion that such a program doesnt exist, or isn't shared. If this is so then I would still be glad to see any example code on how to implement such a program.

It would be great if anyone could point me in the right direction. And of course, if anyone knows of any such programs do let me know.

Just to clarify, I do know that I can use nRF Connect to do something similar, however I cannot write a custom program with it, to handle and interact with the data transmitted. This is why i am looking for something that can be built upon. Of course it will be helpful to others as well.

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