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nRF52 -PN532 - reading Mifare Classic

Hi there,

Is there any chance future SDKs with the nrf52 have support for Mifare Classic cards? The example with the Adafruit shows an Ultralight tag, but it would be useful to read other types of cards. If this is not supported, is there anyway one could port the current Arduino version of the library for Mifare-Type 3?

I have read that there will be support for other cards but if someone know about the progress of that it would be great to know.

Thank you.

Best wishes, Cristian

  • Hi Cristian, to which Mifare Classic (NFC Forum Tag Type 3) card emulation library for Arduino you refer? As far as I know NXP doesn't license Mifare Classic (especially for free and public use - actually there were just few "software" licenses issued in the history, NXP mostly controls this product through requirement of NFX HW element on both sides - card and reader). Thx Jan

  • Hi Christian,

    the NFC software in our SDK only supports the NFC Forum Tag Type 2. As @eirikm explains in this answer, it is possible to add support for Type 4 Tags, but you will have to implement this in software yourself.

    I can not comment on future releases, but I can put you in touch with the Regional Sales Manager in your area and he might be able to shed some more light on what kind of tags we're going to support in the future.


  • Thank you for your answer, yes, I am happy to learn more about future releases.

  • Hi Jan, it would be nice to port the PN532 library from Adafruit (link text)and try to get the same examples working. Reading and writing to a tag are needed, but I guess it could support emulation for people who are enthusiastic about it.

  • Hi Christian, it was confusing at the beginning when you talked about Mifare Classic because I assumed you wanted nRF52 as card emulation (also Bjorn's answer is in that direction). But when you speak about PN532 I guess you want nRF52 in contactless reader device (that's what PN532 supports, nothing else). That chip has standard and well documented interface so it should be straight forward to write necessary I2C or SPI "driver". If you insist on Adafruit library then I see in your GitHub reference other ARM Cortex-M chips supported (ATSAM3X8E, ATSAM21D, STM32F2) so porting to nRF52 should be again easy job.

    Cheers Jan