[bug report] SDK v12 C++ issue in peer_manager_types declaration


I'm currently porting all my C++ code from SD130 SDK10 to SD132 SDK12 and I also upgrading from device_manger to peer_manager.

I've noticed that in peer_manager_types.h file there is a declaration with an empty array:

/**@brief Data on a local GATT database.
typedef struct
    uint32_t flags;       /**< @brief Flags that describe the database attributes. */
    uint16_t len;         /**< @brief Size of the attribute array. */
    uint8_t  data[];      /**< @brief Array to hold the database attributes. */
} pm_peer_data_local_gatt_db_t;

.. and this won't compile even if the #ifdef __cplusplus precompiler instruction is set. To fix that I've just sized the array data[1] with one element.

Kind Regards Patrice