ARDUINO + D52QD2M4IA (nRF52832) - implementing...


I am trying to implement a biometric group telemetry system for my gym and experimentation.

In the past I used a nRF24AP2 module and an ARDUINO PRO MINI 3.3V 8MHz and a custom library wrote by me. ARDUINO, in according to ANT Message Protocol and Usage 5.1 instruct the nRF24AP2 module to scan the network and search the Heart Rate Monitor sensors live, so in the next steps it can connect to read real time heart beats from all connected sensors (max 8 sensors).

I am trying to upgrade my system so I connect nRF52832 module (the D52QD2M4IA) in UART mode same as nRF24AP2. But it seems to no respond like nRF24AP2.

My needs is to connect as many as possible sensors in the network to read Heart Rate Data. My idea is to place the nRF52832 module in continuous scanning / reading mode providing specific commands from ARDUINO host and read all raw data from HRM and pass they to ARDUINO that operates like a UART bridge to send after these data to a PC custom interface.

Could someone help me? Please?

There is some UART Arduino Library that can help me?