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How do I configure signal strength in sending advertisement data?

I'd like to minimize signal strength of nRF51822 chip in sending advertisement. How do I configure?

Thanks in advance.

  • Hi,

    The nRF8001 APIs are different compared to the nRF51. 8001 uses a library called "libaci". For setting the tx-power (libaci.c): retval = lib_aci_set_radio_tx_power(tx_power) Where the legal input is:

      ACI_DEVICE_OUTPUT_POWER_MINUS_18DBM = 0x00, /**< Output power set to -18dBm */
      ACI_DEVICE_OUTPUT_POWER_MINUS_12DBM = 0x01, /**< Output power set to -12dBm */
      ACI_DEVICE_OUTPUT_POWER_MINUS_6DBM  = 0x02, /**< Output power set to -6dBm  */
      ACI_DEVICE_OUTPUT_POWER_0DBM  = 0x03  /**< Output power set to 0dBm   - DEFAULT*/

    Best regards Håkon

  • Hello Hakon,

    The library I have is not c its c++ and its named lib_aci.cpp which I think is the correct place to look for this method as I also found it there, but I didnt found the definitions for the 18DB, 12DB bandwidth selection there or anywhere in any file from the library! can you send me the link to this library that you have from which you copied the above excerpt?

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