BLE_API.h library arduino How it works

Hello everyone, I'm Dario. I'm trying to work with a ble nano with nordic component. My target is to receive a string via serial periferial and sending it via bluetooth as notify if a device is connected. I am using arduino IDE on linux and i opened the BLE_simplePeripheral, I noticed that the example uses the library I specified in the title, i opened it and I saw many many functions... i searched for those funcions too (inside the BLE_API.h library) but I really can't find any documentation how i can use it. Is there some API that explain propely how it works? I already saw this but I don't understand anything

  • Redbearlab BLE Nano is using the mbed library framework as its Arduino library. You can read more about the mbed library/API from the link I just showed. BLE Nano also has the NRF SDK library framework using nRF51288_API.h but there is no examples on that whether it works correctly. My experience with Redbearlab BLE Nano Arduino mbed library is that it is broken for certain part of the library and their customer support is helping to fix it at the moment. The same mbed library running on the mbed web IDE seems ok.