Ble sheild V2.1 + arduino disconnects ble connection after 30 minutes

I have connected (BLE shield + Arduino Mega) with uploaded some Excercises code, It's working for 30 minutes with paired android device and disconnecting automatically.

Could you help me why its disconnecting and what would be the fix?

sorry if the question is asked previously but i didn't get the proper solution for the issue....

thanks satish

  • A sniffer trace of the connection would be very useful. Do you have a nRF51-DK or a nRF51-Dongle? If so, could you use the sniffer to track what is being transferred over the air? And upload the sniffer trace here?

    The sniffer should be used with Wireshark, and it works best with version 1.10, not one of the newer versions. Wireshark can be downloaded here:

    You could also run the chip in debug mode and check if a disconnected event occur, or if your device for some reason disconnects the link.