Arduino Primo or nRF52 DK or ...

Hi, I'm looking to build a simple ANT+ application. My only asset for this project is a background in C/C++. I'll need to learn/relearn the basic electronics and protocol bits. I had thought to use an Arduino UNO and have been looking for an appropriate ANT breakout board. I've just come across the Arduino Primo, which seems like it might be right up my alley, but none of the materials discuss the ANT capabilities of the nRF52832. Would the Primo allow me to exploit the ANT stack and/or the S210 softdevice? Alternatively, should I forego the Primo and just look at the nRF52 DK?

Essentially what I want to do is fairly simple: Create a 'smart plug' that I can plug any fan into which will read the ANT+ stream from my bicycle speed sensor and use a TRIAC to calibrate power to the fan. I'm beginning to wonder if your nRF52 Dev kit might be all I need, though I was hoping to exploit the wealth of material available on the UNO.

I'm thinking to build the solution into an old external DVD drive enclosure, using the 5v pin off the 4-pin molex power lead to power the board. Any guidance greatly appreciated!