Suggestions for getting started with custom nrf52832 module from arduino?


I've been working on a project for some time now and prototyping it with replacement atmel ic's like the at mega328 and bluetooth modules and other stuff in the arduino IDE which I now master at but I want to take my project to the next level using the integrated bluetooth, NFC and micro controller functions of the NRF52832 with a custom board I will design. Are there are suggestions for good tutorials on how to get started with it from an arduino master perspective? Like communication to other nrf52832 devices with nfc and BLE central mode and stuff like that, how the pin positioning and definitions works(From what I understood you can set the protocol you want to use (UART,SPI,I2C) at which ever pins you want.)

And over all how to get started with it on the hobbiest and pro scale of course not using the arduino ide.