Advice for simple communication from nrf51822 to nrf24l01 ?

Hi everyone ! I'm trying to send data from an nrf51822 to an nrf24l01 with arduino and I guess I'm doing something wrong...

For the moment I succeeded to have these talking together: I guess the hardware is not the problem :) (if you're curious about the context, the project is explained here:

I looked for similar problems on the forum but I don't find the solution to my problem, if anyone has a suggestion I would be infinitely grateful ;D

Here is the configuration I use:

nrf51 (TX): radio_config.c main.c

nrf24 (RX) with arduino: Mirf.cpp RX.ino

I used the nrf51 sdk suggestions and an nrf24 library (+datasheets) to understand it, but it doesn't work (yet!), the nrf24 reception pipe stays empty.

Anyone has any suggestion to offer ? Thanks a lot !! ;)