nrf52840 max current consumption?

Hello, I want to know if a typical 50ma Maximum DC-DC converter ic is up to the job of powering up the nrf52840 device working under the heaviest load?

I can't seem to find information from the nrf52840 datasheet regarding such an issue, which is understandable, but I still want to know. It appears that most application will draw less than 10ma current, way below the 50ma max rating of my power chip.

Am I underestimating anything?

  • Hi,

    50 mA should be enough. If you use LDO mode and use output power of 8dBm (max on nRF52840) the radio itself will draw almost 30 mA from VDD, see here. If you add CPU run current and other miscellaneous things you will still be under 40 mA. The total peak current consumption of the nRF52840 should always be lower than this (assuming you don't sink or source any significant current on the gpio pins). Note that this is the least efficient mode of the nRF52840 and not recommended for power efficient designs. If you enable the on-chip DCDC converter(s), the current consumption will be much lower for the same voltage on VDD.

    You know that the nRF52840 has a "high voltage" DCDC converter with a maximum input voltage of 5.5V. This is in addition to the "low voltage" DCDC converter with a maximum voltage input of 3.6V, like the one on nRF52832. See this chapter in the Product Specification for more information. In addition to powering the nRF52840 the high voltage regulator can supply external components with up to 25mA through VDD.


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