iPhone demos: location of associated Keil project file(s)?


Just bought the nRF51822 eval kit. Looks like it came with some great demos for iPhone (nRF_Demo_Utility, nRF_Proximity, nRF_Temp, nRF_UART), but having trouble getting these demos to work! Did Nordic provide associated Keil project files for these? I think I need to program the nRF51822 with the correct file so that my iPhone knows how to talk to the chip. Right now, the iPhone doesn't even show the nRF51822 when I search for nearby Bluetooth devices.

Anyone know where to find the correct project file to program the nRF51822 for iPhone communication?

Best, G

  • You need to create and account on the main Nordic site, enter your product keys, and download the appropriate code.

    I will warn you, though: just because there's an iPhone demo, doesn't mean you'll freely/easily get the code. The temperature app is an example of a private Nordic demo.


  • Most of the screens in nRF Utility's BLE section has an accompanying application in the SDK, but there isn't a full list of the connections. However, by looking at the names in the app and the comments in the source files, it should be fairly easy to map out which is which.

    Also, as Marc says, not all screen have an nRF51822 application (nRF Temp is one example, the weigth screen in nRF Utility another).