Concurrent Central/Peripheral UART


I'am actually trying to develop a BLE based remote, with NRF52832, S132.

This remote must be configured by a smartphone (the remote act as peripheral) and be able to control one equipement (and act as Central).

As i only need to use uart on each side, i've started mixing demo programs ble_app_uart_c.c (central) and ble_app_uart.c (peripheral) without success.

As peripheral: The board advertise correctly, i can connect to it on my smartphone with the app nRF UART v2.0 but the NUS_data_handler seems not receive any message.

As central: When the board try to connect with another board flashed with ble_app_uart.c, the conn_handle indicate 65532 and the role is BLE_GAP_ROLE_INVALID instead of BLE_GAP_ROLE_CENTRAL.

RAM configuration: start: 0x20003DB0, size: 0xC250

My program:

Thanks a lot for your advice to correct these errors !!!