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nRF51 to nRF52 migration crash in SVC_Handler from HAL_CM4.c


We're trying to port and migrate our nRF51 SDK v8 (softdevice s110) codebase to nRF52 SDK v11 (softdevice s132), but we're seeing a crash occur (goes into HardFault handler, shows up as INVSTATE in UFSR register). Debugged and traced it to what looks to be from MSP and seems to occur when SVC_Handler returns for svcMessageGet in osTimerThread. This is using SVC_Handler from HAL_CM4.c. However, when I replaced it with HAL_CM0.c, the crash seemed to have gone away.

Is there a step I'm missing in applying nRF SDK 11 on top of nRF51 SDK v8? Do I need to do anything to match up with updating to HAL_CM4.c in RTX?

We've already applied clock related erratas that wasn't already available in system_nrf52.c. Please let us know if we're missing a step.