If you change preferred PHY, does bluetooth connection break?

Let's say I have my android phone connected to the nrf52840 device via bluetooth, and let's say I change preferred phy from 2 Mbps to 125 kbps, would the connection with my phone break?


  • The PHY can be changed while in a connection (Bluetooth Core Specification v.5.0, Vol 6, Part B, chapter 5.1.10):

    The PHY Update Procedure, when supported, is used to change the transmit or receive PHYs, or both. The procedure can be initiated either on a request by the Host or autonomously by the Link Layer. Either the master or the slave may initiate this procedure at any time after entering the Connection State. Link Layer PHY preferences may change during a connection or between connections and, therefore, they should not be cached by the peer device.

    To change PHY, the function sd_ble_gap_phy_request(..) can be used. The preferred PHY can be set using sd_ble_opt_set(..).