msp430 through spi

Hi Sir,

I am working on nRF52832 board with pca10036 cortex M4, and i worked out spi master and slave example code on a same board and configuring spi instance 0 as master and spi instance 1 as slave in a loop back manner. I couldn't able to verify the transfer of data. It's not working. And now i need to try the same master /slave code with msp430fr5xxx to interface them through spi. Is it possible to work like this in order to get data.

  • It is working, or it is not working? can't you verify the data by logging it in your code or check it in the debugger? If things are not working you can connect an oscilloscope or logic analyzer and see if the data is actually clocked out.

    And again: you should get the PCA10040 Development Kit. PCA10036 contains the engineering version (Eng A) of the chip with a lot of erratas that are fixed on the production version of the chip that sits on the PCA10040. You should develop on the chip you are going to have in your product.

  • Sir, thank you for your reply. I will workout and get you updated. Thank you.