SDK13.0.0 secure boot loader

Hi all, I'm working on SDK13.0.0 secure bootloader and I'm curious to know about

  1. Why nordic defined, dfu service uuid(0xFE59) is 16-bit uuid and characteristics in dfu service is 128-bit uuid, is their any special reason?

  2. In SDK11.0.0 the dfu serivce and characterstic in application firmware and bootloader firmware are same but in SDK13.0.0 dfu service characteristics in application firmware and bootloader firmware different. Why the nordic implemented in this way?

  3. In SDK13.0.0 their is no implementation for bond sharing feature in secure bootloader. It need to write 0x01 manually to control point characteristic to switch from application to bootloader but when I saw linker script their is non-intialized ram for bond sharing, is it possible to add bond sharing feature by making some changes? if yes is their any documentation for it or we need to wait until nordic will add these feature?

  • Hi,

    1. We have not registered any 16-bit uuids for DFU our characteristics, only for the DFU service itself.

    2. The buttonless characteristic does not have the same properties as the control point and packet characteristic used by the bootloader.

    3. We have not implemented bond sharing yet, but is possible to implement in a similar way as we did with the legacy bootloader in SDK 11.0.0. Unfortunately, we don't have any documentation explaining how to add it to the secure bootloader.