Configure nRF24l01

Hello, I want to use multiceiver mode nRF24l01. For 4 transmitters. When setting up the receiver, I can only receive data from the tube 0. I can not understand how to tell the transmitter that it is a transmitter for example pipe 2. Please help me by specifying which registers I need to record for the transmitter if I want to make it a transmitter pipe 1, pipe 2, pipe 3. And how to configure the receiver. Thank you in advance.

  • Hi Evgenii,

    I assume that you already saw Figure 12 PRX using MultiCeiver in the nRF24L01+ spec.

    The different pipes are only applied for PRX. Only on PRX it need to distinguish between pipes.

    On the transmitter (PTX) there is only one pipe for transmitting, it's Pipe 0 on PTX. You can find this at page 41 in the spec:

    On the PTX the TX_ADDR must be the same as the RX_ADDR_P0 and as the pipe address for the designated pipe

    If you want to communicate with multiple PRXs from one PTX, you need to manually modify pipe 0 on the PTX.