S332 V2.0.0 with SDK 12.2.0 - Hangs at 0x000025c0

I have a simple application which pretty much consists of the following main function:

int main(void)

    ble_enable_params_t ble_enable_params;
    err_code = softdevice_enable_get_default_config(1, 1, &ble_enable_params);

I am using the SDK provided linker script armgcc_s332_nrf52832_xxaa.ld

When I execute this application, the processor seems to hang. If I attached the debugger, I see that the processor is hung at 0x000025C0 - strange thing is if I single step via si in the debugger and then continue execution via c - the program continues as normal.

I believe 0x000025C0 is in the softdevice execution range. Can you provide any hints as to what might be happening?

sdk_config.h attached. sdk_config.h

Note that the same source (built and linked against the s132v3 softdevice works as expected)