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GAP Address types


I use a personnal GAP Address, but it must be the type used: -Public address. -Random Static address. -Private Resolvable address. -Private Non-Resolvable address.

and what is the difference?

Code :

st_Gap_Addr.addr_type = BLE_GAP_ADDR_TYPE_RANDOM_STATIC; st_Gap_Addr.addr [0] = g_stBL[0]; st_Gap_Addr.addr [1] = g_stBL[1]; st_Gap_Addr.addr [2] = g_stBL[2]; st_Gap_Addr.addr [3] = g_stBL.[3]; st_Gap_Addr.addr [4] = g_stBL.[4]; st_Gap_Addr.addr [5] = g_stBL.[5] | 0xc0; err_code = sd_ble_gap_address_set (&st_Gap_Addr); APP_ERROR_CHECK (err_code);

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  • Hi Charly,

    -Public address.

    This is a global, fixed address. It must be registered with the IEEE Registration Authority and will never change during the lifetime of the device.

    -Random Static address.

    A random static address is simply a random number that can either be generated every time the device boots up or can stay the same for the lifetime of the device. But it cannot be changed within a single power cycle of the device.

    -Private Resolvable address.

    Those are generated from an identity resolving key (IRK) and a random number, and they can be changed often (even during the lifetime of a connection) to avoid the device being identified and tracked by an unknown scanning device. Only devices that possess the IRK distributed by the device using a private resolvable address can actually resolve that address, allowing them to identify the device.

    -Private Non-Resolvable address.

    Not very commonly used, a random number that you can change anytime.


  • Hi Cales, maybe this very helpful information can find it's way into the doxygen documentation? Cheers, Torsten

  • Don't the two phrases: "can be generated every time the device boots up" and "cannot be changed during a power cycle of the device" contradict each other?

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    I edited it for clarity. Hope it's better.